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Welcome to School of Swimming

Providing seasonal private swim lessons to swimmers of all ages and abilities in the Jacksonville area.

Swim lessons to suit your
family's unique needs.

Our swim lessons are based on what best fits your child’s needs, abilities, and skill level.
We offer 20 minute private classes for younger, beginner swimmers and 30 minute classes for older children or young adults working on stroke refinement.

We teach children of all abilities

Lesson Details

Children with special needs receive the same individualized care and attention as they master each level of swimming and perfect their water safety skills.

Classes are self-paced and available for all children with doctor's approval.

Lesson Benefits

Children gain increased self-confidence and self-esteem, increased muscle tone and range of motion, coordination, balance, improved cardio-respiratory function, and independence.

The earlier your child learns to swim the safer they become...

Learning to swim is an ongoing learning process that has been proven to have an impact on growing brains.
In March 2019, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)  revised the recommended age for children to begin swim lessons. 
As educators, we also attend continuing education seminars to bring the very best information and techniques to our swimming families.

Featured Testimonials

As an active member and current President of Safe Kids Northeast Florida, Janet has helped reach literally millions of people with a water safety message since 2005.

She introduced and has coordinated the McDonald’s trayliner and swim lessons reward program in our coalition region encompassing 18 counties, featuring the Safer 3 Drowning Prevention Message. Thank you for your guidance and support!
Cindy Dennis
Director, Safe Kids Northeast Florida
Thank you so much for helping me to enjoy the pool and learn to swim like an Olympic man.  You do such a good job of helping me be brave when I’m scared while always being very gentle. 

Thanks for making it so much fun!
Houston A.
(3 years old swimmer)
Thanks for another great summer of swimming!  You are amazing to watch and it’s obvious you are passionate about what you do.  I’m not sure where we would be without you!

We appreciate you so very much!
Just wanted to tell you how grateful our family is to be blessed enough to be in your swimming school.  Caitlin is a wonderful teacher and my daughter Sarah LOVES her lessons. It is a priceless gift to be able to swim and it is so wonderful to see our daughter’s new confidence in the water.  I very much appreciate your approach to lessons and wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated.
Amanda W.
Thanks for your endless patience and skill in teaching my twins to swim.  It’s such an important skill in Florida and I’m so thankful they are able to learn it in an environment where they love to swim.
Michele P.
The kids have had such a great time swimming; they have learned to LOVE the water and they know what to do if they fall in - a truly priceless gift to us!!  Thank you so much for a wonderful summer!
Felicia F.